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From decorative to compostable, FlavorFulz‘s products have the versatility to meet all the needs of your clients. Offering a unique way to entertain your guests while reducing waste and limiting one’s ecological footprint are just a few of the ways Edible By Jack‘s business values create less damage to the planet.

FlavorFulz‘s cornerstone product is the Edible Spoon. It is made of all natural, local, and sustainably sourced ingredients and are 100% compostable. We offer a variety of flavors from savory to sweet that compliment your favorite food pairings. Check out our 19 inviting flavors.


History of FlavorFulz

In 2002 Jack Milan, owner of Different Tastes, a successful high-end catering company near Boston, pondered the dilemma of guests holding a wine glass in one hand and a porcelain Asian spoon in the other while chatting with close friends at the many wedding receptions, dinner parties, and corporate events he catered. Jack would witness guests having just enjoyed a delicious tasting of a caprese salad would then have no idea what to do with the spoon that was just used as its vessel.

Jack Milan, creator of FlavorFulz

Jack Milan, creator of FlavorFulz


Jack had to prod and remind his servers to circulate frequently in the room to collect all those inedible inconveniences. Sensing a way to differentiate his catering operation, he harnessed his innovative nature and in the process launched a product that has now been widely beloved for a decade. Known for trying new things, like serving hors d’oeuvres out of spoons, this time his brilliant idea was to make an edible spoon as an alternative to using porcelain spoons.

He began by working with a dough and using porcelain spoons as molds, ultimately resulting in a vessel utensil that is both sturdy and flavorful. His edible spoon was a perfect replacement for porcelain spoons in a catering setting. Jack’s first flavor of his innovative new edible spoon was poppyseed, a flavor still used today among our 18 flavors of savory and sweet options. Within a year he had received his first Catie Award for these novel new products in 2003.

Jack coined the expression “have your spoon and eat it too”. His servers began explaining to guests that not only can they enjoy a delicious beef carpaccio, they can actually eat the parmesan black pepper spoon that it is being served in. His innovative sense to create something edible while eliminating an annoying inconvenience developed into a zero waste solution for his guests. As clients began to appreciate these new edible spoons, Jack proceeded to create additional flavors of his edible spoons to pair with the many savory and sweet items a catered event features, finding new and brilliant ways to elegantly present the many appetizing options a caterer serves – on delicious, edible spoons.

Flavor Pack

Get a sample of 19 flavors for $19.

Today, one can choose, for example, to serve Tuna Tartar in a wasabi sesame spoon. One’s first bite thus includes a crispy crunch of the spoon together with the velvety texture of fresh tuna. Guests’ taste buds open with the freshness of tuna, crispy shallots, and just the right degree of saltiness from that touch of soy sauce. Lemon oil from the spoon is the perfect acidity to complement these flavors with pops of sesame seeds coming together to formulate a delightful taste harmony. Finally, a zing of spice in the back of one’s throat from the wasabi to create a fully enjoyable experience in one’s mouth with absolutely nothing left in your hands but perhaps a glass of wine.

FlavorFulz continues to honor the approach and recipes originally crafted by Jack more than a decade ago as we expand our taste options to 18 choices, with many more flavors and textures in development in our kitchens. We invite you to contact us to explore ordering any combination of our flavorful, delectable, and of course, edible spoons, for your next reception, dinner party, corporate event, or as an exciting addition to your home cooked family dinners.

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