Complement Your Table With 19 Flavors

FlavorFulz handcrafts edible spoons with love in 19 different flavors

Cilantro Cumin Lime

Fresh chopped Cilantro, Toasted Cumin, and Boyajian Lime Oil. This combination pairs very well with a deconstructed pot pie.


Like eating a crispy Hershey’s Kiss. Add with a bruleed marshmallow and Hershey’s syrup and you will be screaming for s’more

Coconut Curry

Cool shredded coconut combined with an aromatic toasted curry for a perfect marriage of delicious flavors in cracker form. Pairs deliciously well with an Eggplant Ratatouille.

Corn Lime

Fresh Cornmeal and Boyajian Lime Oil combined to make a delicious savory spoon that pairs well with seared bay scallops, corn relish, and chimichurri.


Flavors of your favorite southern bread recipe in cracker form. Serve these delicious spoons with your favorite shrimp and grits recipe.


Whole dried cranberries make up these delicious holiday crackers that pair perfectly with brie, cranberry chutney, and candied orange rind.


Flavors of sweet molasses combined with aromatic allspice, cinnamon, and ginger make up these delicious childhood favorites. Pairs perfectly with a creme brulee custard baked into these spoons.

Italian Herbs

Savory oregano and thyme combined with Evoolove’s basil oil from Italy make up this fantastic spoon flavor. Beef carpaccio, truffle aioli, and crisp microgreens are a perfect pairing.

Mint Chocolate

Fresh mint and sweet cocoa are combined to make this delicious cracker in spoon form. Add a mini molten chocolate cake with fresh whipped cream and a mint sprig for a perfect pairing.

Parmesan Basil

Freshly shredded parmesan cheese with local chopped basil and Evoolove’s basil oil from Italy make up this delicious cracker. Pair with your favorite tomato bruschetta recipe.

Parmesan Black Pepper

Freshly shredded parmesan cheese with cracked black pepper pair deliciously well with your favorite macaroni and cheese recipe.


Aromatic spices make up this delicious flavor that pairs well with savory and sweet combinations. Try your favorite ratatouille recipe with fresh lemon rind.

Poppy Seed

An aromatic spice blend combined with fresh poppyseeds make these spoons visually appealing in addition to being a delicious bite. Pair these with fresh whipped goat cheese, roasted beets, and balsamic vinegar reduction.


This salty malt flavor pairs wonderfully with your favorite local beer. Add smoked salmon, English cucumber, and cream cheese for an explosion of delicious flavors.

Sea Salt

Fleur de sel or salt of the sea is the perfect adjective to describe this flavor. Pair these with a simple caprese salad for the ideal bite.

Toasted Coconut

Fresh shredded coconut and cane sugar combined in cracker form to make this delicious tropical bite. Seared cod, coconut rice cake, and fresh parsley make a wonderful savory combination in addition to the many sweet pairings for this flavor.

Wasabi Sesame

Evolve pure lemon oil from Italy, fresh horseradish, spicy wasabi, and toasted sesame seeds make up this aromatic flavor. Your favorite poke tuna recipe will pair perfectly with this flavor.

White Chocolate

These bright red spoons flavored with Ghirardelli White Chocolate are a perfect compliment to your Valentine’s Day menus. Combine them with our Green Mint Chocolate spoons for all your holiday events.

We invite your flavor ideas

As we continue to grow our product line feedback on our selection and new ideas are always welcomed. Please let us know what flavors of edible spoons you would love to see from Flavorfulz in the future.

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